I have been practicing yoga over 10 years and my journey has led me to explore and develop my styles through several different disciplines such as Bikram/Hot Yoga, Mandala and finally Ashtanga Vinyasa. It was after discovering the dynamism and variety that Ashtanga yoga has to offer that I decided to take my passion to a professional level. I have since completed over 2500 hours of tuition and deepened my knowledge through several workshops and courses such as posture anatomy, Thai massage and yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation through chanting and breathing methods.

For me, yoga encapsulates a life long dream to help others and impart the knowledge and experience that I have been lucky enough to build up. I currently teach at several studios and  offices in London, focusing on Ashtanga, Rocket, Power and Vinyasa yoga.

Sharing my passion of yoga is a personal mission in life and it gives me great pleasure to work with a select group of private clients, who are seeking the physical and psychological benefits that practising yoga has been proved to bring. If you are interested in developing your enthusiasm for yoga, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the “Contact” page. I will tailor a programme and schedule that suits your needs and level of experience, to ensure we meet your goals together.



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